SPINSTER LIBRARIAN was the job description I dreamed of when I was about 10 (I wouldn’t have to cook or clean, and I’d never lack companionship because I’d always have first crack at new books). Libraries are among the few institutions that run on trust, with no money changing hands, and that alone is invaluable; they are also vital centers for research, internet access, resources for finding employment, children’s programs . . . not to mention a quiet place to do homework. Now libraries nationwide are under threat. Following stringent proposed budget cuts by the New York City Council, there have already been local protests: a 24-hour read-in at the Brooklyn Public Library (slogan: “We Will Not Be Shushed”) and a Save NYC Libraries Postcard Campaign. The American Library Association is sponsoring a National Library Advocacy Day rally on June 29 (11 AM to noon) on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C.  Cuts in service levels and staff layoffs in New York can start as early as July 1. Act now. For more, see www.savenyclibraries.org, and my inspiration for this post: a Huffington Post blog by Carol Fitzgerald, cofounder and president of TheBookReportNetwork.com (I write reviews for one of her websites), at www.huffingtonpost.com/carol-fitzgerald/libraries-and-librarians_b_624834.html