OKAY, I’M BUYING CLOTHES AGAIN. A few. My compromise is bargains only. Best current recommendation: the elegant, minimalist, and highly covetable German designer Jil Sander’s line for Uniqlo, the Japanese chain. It is called +J, and last year I actually stood in line to get into the store for her first collection. A new shipment of spring/summer clothes arrived a month ago, and I’ve been twice. The quality is a cut above Zara and H&M, and the shapes are less trendy: classic, but with interesting details like small collars and well-placed topstitching. Colors are a mix of neutrals and very palatable shades (a rich olive, a tweedy pale blue). The sizing is weird (I couldn’t even button a gorgeous navy blue shirt marked medium, but the extra-small leggings were fine, even roomy); and prices start at $10.50 and rise to about $150 for a coat, with lots for $20-$30. There is men’s stuff, too. Uniqlo’s regular stock also has treasures; I’m still wearing a $99 lined trenchcoat with wonderful, slightly puffed sleeves that I got several years ago. There’s only one New York store right now, in SoHo, but a huge emporium is planned for 666 Fifth Avenue.