WHAT GENIUS at JCPenney dreamed up this tee-shirt for girls 7-16? “I’m Too Pretty to Do Homework So My Brother Has to Do It for Me,” it says in a mix of typefaces that looks as if someone has doodled the slogan on a loose-leaf binder (if they still even use loose-leaf binders in school….).
The description in the online store goes on to say: “Who has time for homework when there’s a new Justin Bieber album out?” (The shirt is no longer available, but you can view the whole sorry business at www.buzzfeed.com/fjelstud/girls-are-too-pretty-to-do-homework.) I’m sure the company would claim it was meant to be ironic/amusing, but I have no sense of humor at all when it comes to encouraging impressionable girls to think of themselves as lazy, stupid, and superficial.
I suggest a boycott of JCPenney. My slogan: “They’re Too Evil to Treat Women Right So We’ll Have to Put Them Out of Business.”