IT WAS A WEAK MOMENT. I strolled into Sephora—always a bad idea when feeling vulnerable—and headed for the Bobbi Brown section. I’ve had a soft spot for Bobbi ever since she did a five-minute makeup makeover on me when I worked at Mademoiselle (she had come to do the editor in chief’s face, and she had a little extra time). I looked like myself, only much, much better. As blog readers will know, my eyes are definitely showing the effects of age. So when I saw Bobbi’s neat little two-part Creamy Concealer Kit ($32) I thought, What the hell. It might work.
It did. Unlike previous concealers I have known, it smoothed the sags and lightened the dark areas without making me look unnatural. It is the next best thing to a good night’s sleep, and I’ve been putting it on every single day (usually I bother only with lipstick).
The mirrored case contains the cover-up (my shade is ivory), plus powder (in my case, pale yellow) to set it. I also got a brush to apply it, but you don’t really need that: Using your finger is fine.
It’s also a good base for my new Bobbi Brown Dual Ended Eye Liner pencils (see how one purchase leads inexorably and shamefully to another?), each of which has one plain and one metallic shade (brown and bronze, grayish black and gold, really black and silver).
However, today, and probably for a good long while, my right eye at least will have no chance to dress up. My long-postponed cataract surgery is at hand, and I’m not trying to make my eyes look good. I just want them to see well.