THE THUMB is 50 percent of the hand’s function, as you probably all know, and my joint has been twinging for a while. Typing, mousing, drawing, playing the piano all contributed, but what knocked it over the edge into painful was the acquisition of a so-called smart phone. Later I found that this condition is known informally as BlackBerry Thumb. I didn’t have a BlackBerry; I had a Palm Pre, but even with the best-designed smart phone I’m not sure I would have escaped injury. I switched back to a dumb phone (a very nice orange Motorola Razr) and went to the orthopedist. For a month I’ve been wearing a splint with Velcro straps and trying to avoid too much movement.
Lest you think that I am retreating into the technological dark ages, I lately acquired a Kindle (also with an orange cover—this seems to be my theme color for September). The phone is named Freckles and the Kindle, Pumpkin (am I the only one who anthropomorphizes inanimate objects?) I have not yet taken her for a test-read, but stay tuned. I shall report.