Really Serious Shopping Diets

I’M NOT ALONE in trying to control my lust for new clothes (see my four earlier Shopping Diet posts). According to an item in the New York Times (“Shoppers on a ‘Diet’ Tame the Urge to Buy,” July 21, 2010), two more stringent and organized versions exist: The first, Six Items or Less (that should be Six Items or Fewer, says my inner grammar curmudgeon), challenges people to pick a half-dozen items (excluding underwear, shoes, and accessories) and wear only those for a month (check The second is more ambitious: The Great American Apparel Diet calls on consumers to abstain from clothes shopping (except for underwear) for an entire year ( It started September 1, 2009, and ends in a month, but there may be another round this fall. I might sign up for one or the other (in community there is strength).